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PyCap (Python and REDCap) is a simple library for communicating with REDCap projects from Python applications. It mimics the REDCap API as much as possible and is designed to be very easy to use.

Getting started

To begin, you’ll need access to a REDCap server, a project within that server, and an API key for said project which can be obtained from your REDCap administrator.

from redcap import Project
api_url = ''
api_key = 'SomeSuperSecretAPIKeyThatNobodyElseShouldHave'
project = Project(api_url, api_key)

Some helpful API calls occur during project creation:

# Primary field, REDCap calls this the unique field
print project.def_field
# A list of raw field names...
print project.field_names
('id', 'age_at_testing', 'dob', 'test1_ss', ...)
# ...and their labels
print project.field_labels
('Identifier', 'Age at Day of Testing', 'Date of Birth', 'Test 1 Standard Score',...)

# List of forms
print project.forms
('demographics', 'test_1', ...)

# If this is a longitudinal database...
print, project.arm_nums, project.arm_names
('event1', 'event2',...), ('arm1', 'arm2',...), ('Visit1', 'Visit2',...)

The two most useful functions of the project object are .export_records and .import_records:

from my_module import modify

data = project.export_records()
# data is a list of dicts
new_data = modify(data)

For more complete examples, please see the docs.


Install with pip (or easy_install):

$ pip install PyCap

Or download the package from github (see buttons below) and:

$ cd < downloads >
$ < unzip/untar >
$ python install

Or to use the most up-to-date codebase, which hopefully isn’t broken:

$ git clone git://
$ cd PyCap
$ python install


$ pip install -e